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    Introduction bitcoin dating scams

    One of the more recent examples of bitcoin dating scams involves a 33 year old woman from Sydney who was also victim to a scam that, according to police, could make the $135 million scam that occurred in California last year look like a bubble tea stand. As a security measure, the NSW police took action after their cyber crime center started receiving hundreds of complaints from people who claim to have been duped by the New York based scammer with one 19 year old student from Ohio complaining, “He asked me to send him money and send it directly to his BTC account. So I sent him an email telling him I was about to do so and that he should get some safe Bitcoin wallet so that it wouldn't get confiscated if he got caught.

    What are bitcoin dating scams

    The bitcoin dating scam involves a person who is interested in a person on the internet, but they do not seem to be part of the bitcoin community. They offer to buy the person a bitcoin and never come through with the payment. They see the bitcoin economy as an easy way to get rich quick and don’t want to involve themselves in the normal ways that other bitcoin users might. They are happy to accept the person’s bitcoin payment and as soon as it is delivered they disappear. How to spot a bitcoin dating scam First off you will see a large influx of bitcoin dating scams before you start to see a change. Most of the scams start with the person sending money to someone who they are interested in. It usually starts with a simple ‘hey’, then you might hear “let’s chat”.

    How to spot bitcoin dating scams

    There have been numerous reports of people falling victim to bitcoin dating scams around the world. One of the biggest problems is that people don’t read the fine print before completing a transaction on a dating site, and as a result they might end up sending money to strangers. It’s common for scammers to send women nude pictures of themselves and later ask them to send money to help them fund their education. Other forms of dating scams include false claims that the recipient is dating a supermodel, a wealthy man, or even Prince William and Kate Middleton. While some of the scams might look good on the surface, bitcoin dating scams are a major problem for many people.

    How to report bitcoin dating scams

    To report bitcoin dating scams to Bitcoin-Dating Scam Report Site, click here. How to avoid bitcoin dating scams There are ways that you can protect yourself from bitcoin dating scams and not falling victim to them. These are some of the ways that you can stay safe: Beware of profile names It is advised that you do not give personal information such as your personal phone number to a bitcoin dating profile. Even in the event that you have lost or do not have access to your personal phone number, please refrain from giving it out to anyone. By not giving out your phone number you will be able to prevent bitcoin dating scams from obtaining that information.

    Get back money from bitcoin dating scams

    Because scammers keep announcing new methods, many victims feel tempted to comply with their request. However, when they send their money to them, they disappear without even giving them any news. The danger is they do not have the money in the first place. How can you avoid bitcoins dating scams? The first thing you should take care of is that you use a company with no reputation, that has not been found on any of the top search engines like Google. Don’t fall for the first thing a guy asks you. After you get contacted by scammers, you should alert the website you used by a phone call or an email. Many of them may turn out to be legitimate, but you cannot know what will happen when you are in the middle of something else. There is no substitute for caution when it comes to dating.

    Recovering funds from bitcoin dating scams

    Caring about the safety of your digital currency and not having any worries about the cheaters, scammers and fraudsters who do the thefts, these are scams. Fraudsters and scammers are using the bitcoin scam to get the funds for themselves. As the scam is online, it is easily go unnoticed by most people. Most people do not know that they are being scammed and that this is a fraud which is getting ever more widespread and becoming more sophisticated. What is a bitcoin dating scam? A bitcoin dating scam is a type of phishing, where a scammer(s) will create an online profile which involves a man or a woman. The scammer can try to will pose as a government employee, a US soldier, a lawyer, a doctor, but in essence always playing at the heart of their victims to get money.

    Conclusion bitcoin dating scams

    As you can see from the article above, bitcoin dating scams have taken the dating world by storm, making it one of the most popular online scams. As this article was intended to warn you against them I can only hope that you never become a victim of them. If you were scammed by one of these scams you can contact the FBI with any information you may have and the bureau will look into the case. They will also offer victims financial compensation to recoup some of the loss. If you think you are a victim of a bitcoin dating scam then you can report a scam.